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When I first watched this video, I thought, 'Wow, I'm pretty lucky to be alive.'

However, when I viewed this for a second time, a sudden thought hit me. 'What about the other 10^974076 possible births that never happened?' It made me realize that not only am I extraordinarily lucky to be living, but me and every human being, are the chosen ones.

Before watching this video, birth seemed so... normal. After watching it, seemingly every birth is a treasure, because of it's absolutely minuscule chance of happening. Doesn't that make everything a miracle?

This video really changes my point of view on life as a whole, and I am not surprised that it won NATA. A well deserved 5. Honestly, I wish I could bend the laws of Newgrounds and give this a 69 or 9001, but sadly, I cannot.

they just asked for it

Nice series, Love the ending. But look at what they done to this pup...

Ep1: A nice little dog who liked his master
Ep2: A normal stray smokin' ciggaretes
Ep3: A dog who goes to strip clubs and hires prositutes
Ep4: A BADASS dog who goes around killing people who did him wrong.

Episode 4 was the best!

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Watched it 3 times straight.

Dosent get boring and is unique as well. I think this gets a 5! And a 10! and a 15! and a 20 HIT COMBO!!!!!

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Beautiful AI

Love the game, love the graphics, love the weapons but most of all... LOVE THE AI!!! I dont know what you did but you actually convinced me that is was real players!! I feel so fooled... Either way, Great game and a 5/5 and 10/10 from me. PEACE OUT!!!

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When I saw the title, I went wide eyed instantly. You and Dimrain are by far my favorite artists and I had very high expectations when I clicked. I was not disappointed. I love how you mixed your fast-paced bass with Dimrain's amazing melodies. All in all amazing piece, makes me wish I could rate more then 5.

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Techno is by far my favorite genre and this is nothing short of absolutely amazing. I especially love the synthesizers and epic build up, definitely one of my all-time favorite techno pieces.

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Really good dude. You should keep making these the techno beat is amazing and it sounds like something you would hear off a bonus level in a game. :)

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